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14 de March de 2023

Last week we traveled to Austria to visit our friend Albert Kriwetz, manager of two high quality bar / restaurants, whose success and great style are recognized in the cities of Kufstein and Graz. It was 2 tasting events with our products to make known the flavors of Galicia and the possibilities offered by the traditional canned food.

The dishes prepared with our products by Chefs Martín in Kufstein and Sara in Graz, directed by the master and only Albert, were innovative, different, and above all, conquered with their flavor the select attendees of both events.

In a masterful pairing with some of the best wines of France and Austria such as Châteu de Dract, Bourgogne les Sétilles Champagne ar Lenoble, and Domène Müller. This last land of great wines very similar to Galician: delicate, fresh and of great quality. The combination with our preserves has resulted in a resounding success for the attendees.

Some of the dishes prepared have been much appreciated by the guests, such as the anchovies with cucumber cubes and asparagus heads with tarragon mayonnaise linked with the pickle itself or the small baguette with pickled mussels and celery pickled with passion fruit.

In addition to these dishes, others were prepared with our tender sardines in olive oil and pickled, with caviar of Galician urchin, tuna belly and squid in ink whose homemade sauce won over all those present.

The attendees enjoyed each dish and admired the different possibilities that preserves in the kitchen.

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