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SINCE 1990

With more than 30 years of experience, Los Peperetes maintains the essence of a family canning tradition that has shared a single obsession: to produce the best canned fish and seafood in the world.


Los Peperetes was born in the fishing village of Carril, where the famous “carril clams” are grown. At the end of the 1980s, the entrepreneur and founder, Jesús Lorenzo Crespo, grandson of the first Galician canners, realized that nobody in the market was valuing the exceptional quality of the seafood and fish from the Galician Rías Gallegas and in 1990 he began canning the best cockles and sardines that fell into his hands.


With a manual seamer he produced 30 cans a day, surprising family and friends with the quality of his succulent recipes. Seeing the success of his preserves, he set up his own business under the brand name “Los Peperetes”. A few months later, the success materialized and Los Peperetes cans could be tasted in the best markets and restaurants in Madrid and Barcelona. Today, Los Peperetes can be found in more than 30 countries.


Every morning we select the best fresh fish and seafood from the best fish markets in the area. Only supreme quality specimens have the opportunity to become a can of Los Peperetes.
When the raw material arrives at our workshop, a delicate process begins in which care and patience are essential ingredients. Each piece is treated with the greatest attention, as if it were a unique jewel. Here there is no room for rushing or shortcuts; there is just enough time for each preserve to reach its fullness.

Culinary magic comes to life when our exclusive family recipe homemade sauces surround each can. Using natural ingredients and sourced from local producers, we create authentic masterpieces that enhance the flavors of the sea. Each drop of sauce is steeped in tradition and expertise, and carries with it years of experience passed down from generation to generation.

However, our commitment to excellence does not end there. Before it makes its journey into your hands, each of our preserves undergoes a rigorous analysis. Our experts meticulously evaluate its quality, ensuring that each can bearing the Los Peperetes name meets the highest standards of excellence. Only in this way can we guarantee that every bite you enjoy will be a unique and memorable experience.

“Los Peperetes” is much more than canned fish and seafood, it is the result of a meticulous and artisanal process that pays tribute to the richness of Galicia and its seas. Each can tells a story of effort, dedication and love for the craft.


Welcome to the Los Peperetes universe, where the passion for the sea is transformed into pure delight.


A word from the popular Galician dictionary that evokes something appetizing, desirable, tasty and different… a delicatessen. The essence of each of our cans.



After a long trajectory, we have managed to position ourselves among the reference brands in the gourmet sector, both in Spain and in 20 other countries, especially in the USA, where the prestigious Spanish chef José Andrés has trusted us for a decade for the production of his line of gourmet preserves.